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Gulf Auto Traders Does Not Tolerate or Encourage Copyright Infringement

All users are advised not to post whatever materials to the site or provide any material to them unless they are given the right to do so. We would like to emphasize that you are the one responsible in ensuring that you possess all necessary rights for your own content.

Gulf Auto Traders also reserves the right to remove content from the website anytime, without notice and liability. The company’s intellectual property policy entails:

Gulf Auto Traders describes a repeat infringer as any user who has posted, uploaded or provided content to another site. In this case, the company has already received over a couple takedown notice complaints with certain provisions with respect to the said content. Such case leaves Gulf Auto Traders with a good judgement to terminate the involved account of the user after receiving one notification about the claimed infringement or after Gulf Auto Traders’ own determination.

In the event that you believe your work was copied and posed on any sites in a manner that covers the copyright infringement, you are free to provide a written notification that contains the information below:

  • Identification of the involved copyrighted work which has been infringed as claimed. In cases when there are several copyrighted works at an online site covered in one notification, a list of the works copyrighted at that particular site must be made.
  • An electronic or physical signature of the person who is authorized to take action on behalf of the involved owner whose exclusive content has been infringed.
  • Sufficient information to allow Gulf Auto Traders to contact the party with complaints. Information may include telephone number, address, an email address wherein the complainant can be contacted.
  • A statement informing that the involved complaining party has enough proof to believe that the use of the material is not authorized by the owner of the copyright, or law or agent.
  • A statement showing that the information contained in the notification is true and correct. And that, the party complaining is authorized in taking action on behalf of the exclusive rights of the owner. This is believed to have been infringed.