Comparison between Honda City and Ford Fiesta

Comparison between Honda City and Ford Fiesta
The Honda City has been the leader of its particular segment, but today we will contest the City's position against the new and improved Ford Fiesta. Will the City maintain its position or will the Fiesta topple the City and prove its worth, will it even be competitive? Let's find out.
The City has a newer look as compared to the previous one, while Fiesta merely had a facelift. The City has a sharper look with more straight lines and edges, while the Fiesta seems to be doing an Aston Martin impression. The sides offer the same from the City while the Fiesta shows protruding arches. From the back the City creates a ridge over the trunk under which are sleek taillights, more attractive than the comparatively oblong fiesta. The City looks fresher, while the Fiesta offers a Compact look.
The interiors follow what the exterior hints, that the City has a newer interior design, largely following the beige into a black and silver dashboard, with bigger dials and a digital display within the instrument cluster.

The Fiesta shows a familiar grey and black Tone, with a symmetrical center console and sporty instrument cluster. Both vehicles contain their sound systems. The seats in the high end City are leather and provide comfort while offering more space, the Fiesta uses upholstery and while also being comfortable don't provide as much room.

There are also rear AC vents in the City and none in the Fiesta, likewise there is more space under the rear seats in the Fiesta than in the City, and the 510 litres of trunk space in the City handily beats the 430 litres of the Fiesta. All in all, the room and space department has a clear winner in the Honda City, while the Cords Fiesta can be said to be slightly more comfortable.
In the performance category Both the City used a 1.5 litre V-TEC engine, 4 cylinder capable of producing an output of 98.6bhp and 200nm of torque.

The Fiesta used a 1.5 litre TDC-i engine, a 4 cylinder capable of producing 89.7bhp and 204nm torque.

Numbers suggest the City to be superior however the Fiesta practically has the upper hand.

The City has a 6 speed gearbox as compared to the Fiestas 5 speed. In actual drive the Fiesta proved to have a more lighter and comfortable clutch than the City, however the City has far more comfortable suspension than the Fiesta.

The general handling was far more precise and persistent on the Fiesta during turns than it was on the City.
The City it seems wins, in due part to its space, features and overall impressive economic performance, however the Fiesta was nothing short of impressive either and was more controllable around the bends than the City. In the end climate, preference and the number of commute will dictate which one is preferable.
Detail Honda City Ford Fiesta
Engine 1.5 L 4 cylinders, 16 valve, SOHC I-VTEC 1.6L 16-valve Ti-VCT I-4
Fuel Delivery PGM-Fi MFI
Compression Ratio 10.3 11.01
Horsepower 120 @ 6600 120 @ 6350
Torque 145 @ 4600 112 @ 5000
Boot size 510 litres 430 litres
Wheelbase (inches) 102 98
Length 174.8 173.5
Width 66.7 67.8
Height 58.1 58.1
Front Thread 58.7 57.7
Rear Thread 58.3 57
Fuel Storage (litres) 40 46.9