Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Gulf Auto Traders fully respects users’ privacy. In this page, it is where we aim to show you how well we respect you and your work’s privacy. Please read everything written below carefully.

Accessing the car portal and using the provider services means that you are agreeing to the collection and utilization of your data by the Gulf Auto Traders.

As you read the Privacy Policy content, the Gulf Auto Traders want you to feel comfortable in using our site and the services available. We also want you to feel secure in submitting certain information to us. If you have questions or concerns regarding the content of the Privacy Policy, please do not hesitate to do so.

Privacy and Safeguard Notice

Gulf Auto Traders deeply values our customers. We are committed to protecting each of our user’s privacy and safeguarding all information we received to be related to you. Please know that we are not selling the information from our users to others. In the event that information is shared, know that we do so in the manner permitted by the law.

The aim of this notice is to help you gain more understanding about the information our team is collecting, how we are using the collected data and what we are doing in maintaining users’ privacy. This notice also aims to inform you about how we secure your personal information.

Information that Gulf Auto Traders Collect

Gulf Auto Traders collects and uses information related to you from an array of sources. The nature and amount of information we collect and used varies from every transaction. But information is typically acquired through the provided information during the application and other forms. It may also be through other means. The typical personal information we collect from users like you may include your name, contact numbers and email.

Who Collects the Information?

All collected information gathered by Gulf Auto Traders are obtained through other users. This is whenever they are visiting or entering the site. Information is also collected by means of registration, particularly when you apply to register with us. In this case, we require all our users to provide necessary contact information like name, address, gender, pin code, email address and mobile number in the process.

All data collected are used as a means to communicate with you regarding the services that you are using at the site. We are then able to know your interest with our services. Aside from the Gulf Auto Traders team, our advertisers may also gather anonymous traffic information with their assigned cookies in your browser.

Usage of Collected Information

We have a certain means of using each of the information we collect from users like you. The following services are the summary of how we use the information we collect.

  • Collected email addresses are used to send a password when needed, and of the registration confirmation. This information is also used when sending newsletters and special offers. We also use email addresses when sending or informing users about the changes made in the terms of use or policy in using the services. Lastly, this information is used to send even-based communication like renewal notice, reminders, invites, etc.
  • We use personal information for certain purposes. This includes as a way to help us in providing personalized features and tailoring our portal to your specific interest. We may also use personal information as a way to get in touch with you and other the other users. For instance, this is when informing you about some policy changes or retrieving your password. Most importantly, we use such information to provide any requested service from us.
  • Contact information is used internally for specific reasons like when directing our efforts in improving a product. Gulf Auto Traders uses contact information to contact you and other users as a survey respondent. We may also use this information when sending promotional materials from our advertisers or contest sponsors.
  • Here at Gulf Auto Traders, anonymous traffic information is used for several reasons like when reminding us about who you are. In this instance, we use the information to help us deliver your better/personalized service. We may use the information to recognize your privilege when accessing our website. Such information is also used to ensure that you are not seeing the same ads. In some instances, the team may use anonymous traffic information to help in diagnosing server problems.

Sharing Information with Affiliated Companies

As mentioned above, Gulf Auto Traders may disclose the information we obtain to our affiliated companies. Gulf Auto Traders’ affiliated companies may be financial service providers like insurance companies, payment processing companies and leasing companies, non-financial companies like data processing companies and automotive repair facilities or promotional activities.

Such aspect of our portal usage allows us to give our users like you with a superior service. Thus, we can create and allow a wider array of products. Most importantly, this aspect of our portal usage helps us improve the operation of the business. And thus, we can deliver the service in a more effective manner.

We would like to remind you that Google, as a third party vendor, also utilizes cookies to display ads at the site. Google is using the DART cookies to best serve advertisements at the site to you. Fortunately, you have the option of using DARK cookie by visiting Google’s Ad and Content Network privacy policy page.

Others Whom Information May possibly be Shared with

Other possible parties to whom your information may be shared with include agents and alliance partners. Agents are our partners to whom we deliver our services. But, rest assured that these entities are not retaining, storing, sharing or using personal information for any purposes. Alliance Partners are those whom we work with to help us provide the required service. This entity may be an individual or company that manages online content on their sites and which are empowered by Gulf Auto Traders. Now, you understand our privacy policy.