Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions


At GulfAutoTraders.com, we welcome every opportunity to work with you. Thus, we make sure that important matters will be discussed carefully while the policies are clearly stated and implemented. You can conduct car search using our official site. We aim to provide you incredible experience with our services and use your time wisely. By using our site, you agree to certain terms and conditions.

Take note that if there are certain changes in the agreement, we are going to publish them right away on our website. GulfAutoTraders.com encourages the users to review our website periodically for these changes. It serves as a binding and legal document between you and our company.

Terms of Use

This website and its content are both governed by the Terms of Use. Every time you use our site, you should have read the Agreement. This implies that you accept the agreement and is bound by terms hereof. These terms can be modified from time to time.


The content indicated through or on this website is intended to bring information only. It does not substitute for advice whether legal, taxation, and investment. Thus, it does not provide natures of warranty, guarantee or certification. By using and accessing this website, you acknowledge that you completely understand the restrictions and limitations of this website.

Furthermore, you agree that you are responsible for identifying the consequences and requirements thereof. We disclaim the liability for any damage caused by using the content on this website. You also agree that you provide GulfAutoTraders.com with your personal details such as address and mobile phone, when necessary. This is for the main purpose of having increased benefit and value of service to you.

Warranties and Representations

GulfAutoTraders.com and its employees or affiliates are not responsible for damages or losses present to certain individuals from inadvertent errors in details provided in the website. The company’s associated and affiliates are not liable for error, deletion, failure in communications, computer virus, performance failure, interruption, or omission.

User’s Conduct

You can post comments or reviews, submit questions, ideas or suggestions as long as the content is not threatening, obscene, defamatory, or illegal. In addition, the contents should not contain details that may be invasive of privacy, infringing of intellectual property rights.

Website Modifications

GulfAutoTraders.com reserves right to cancel/suspend, discontinue or modify any of its sections or services any time without prior notice. We reserve our right to conduct alterations and modifications in the details found in this website without due notice.


At GulfAutoTraders.com prohibits testing this site with any false purchase request. This will take you to substantial personal legal risks. Using false personal details or name is a crime even when buying. We prosecute individuals who willfully entered fictitious or erroneous purchase request.


For registered members, you can list cars that are for sale and post it in this website. You should sell the car on the list provided on our official website. Listings should include pictures, text descriptions and graphics describing the car(s) you ought to sell.