Leaked Review of Toyota Yaris 2016 in UAE


Driving your own car is exciting, right? You will surely have a wonderful ride with the Toyota Yaris. This brand had proven a lot when it comes to providing advanced features.

Aside from a stunning look, the car is equipped by durable components that will contribute to the long-lasting functions of the vehicle. Being guided with the structure of the car will lead to worthy purchase in the long run.

Here are the specifications of Toyota Yaris Sedan:

Weight (kg). It weighs 1045-1060 kg.

Body style. The car is composed of 4 doors and the exterior part appears in different colors.

Performance. As you drive this car, there is an assurance that you will have a smooth journey. Considering the fact that the entire structure comprises durable materials, there will be no issue regarding a possible damage after few days. The manufacturer

Car prices. It is expected that car are really expensive due to the engines and presence of some add-ons. The costly price comes with a hassle-free ride on the road. If you like driving a car, Toyota Yaris will be the best choice you will have.

If you are going to see the available prices, there is an observation that you the main model is in 1.5 Liters.
For the 1.5 L - SE: AED 53900- 54000
For the 1.5 L - Sport:  AED 58500- 57000
For the 1.5L (SE+):AED 59500- 58000

Reliability. You must be aware that Toyota Sedan has lots of desirable features like fabric seats, halogen lamps, radio, manual windows, and power steering. These are already pleasing to hear. However, some people are still looking for further improvements. Toyota is indeed an innovative brand due to its ability to embrace innovations. In fact, the Toyota Yaris SE has 4 speakers, central locking, and power windows.

The SE+ comes with advanced start system (push-button), quality seats, projector headlights, audio entertainment system (with 6 speakers), alloy wheels (15 inches), automatic AC unit, steering wheel control for audio and smart entry.

Lastly the Toyota Yaris Sport has dashboard meter (analogue), smoker metallic plating, sportier seats, steering wheel control (audio), and leather steering wheel.

Fuel economy. People will save money from charging fuel. With this car, you don’t have to worry about spending for the fuel.

Safety features. It is great to know that Toyota Yaris consider safety features for the drivers out there. It is not enough that a car is quite appealing to the eyes. There is a need for the assurance of safety on the driving adventures. Specifically, these features are EBD or Electronic Brake Force Distribution, front driver, brake assist, and ABS.

Cabin space. With the spacious storage compartments, Toyota Yaris owners will be comfortable on keeping their things within the vehicle. You don’t need to leave some of your belongings at home with the lack of storage.

Now that Toyota Yaris 2016 is coming, you will have a worthy choice of vehicle. This will give you the best driving experience all throughout.