Nissan Patrol vs. Toyota Land Cruiser: Which is better?


In the past years, automotive industry is going through affluence however the competition between the car companies and automakers has been going for many years. In terms of car comparisons, each brand of car desires to successfully excel in their sales, performance, technology, development and car design.

In the real world of SUV market, lots of automakers have completely established their own brand names as the best and well known SUV producers in the world. Toyota and Nissan are recognized as the biggest names in the present time. Today, the competition between Toyota and Nissan is very intense especially when it comes to the Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol.

Comparison between Toyota Land Cruiser and Nissan Patrol

Nissan Patrol
The Nissan Patrol showed impressive and exciting levels of road refinement and composure. This is one of the reasons why Nissan Patrol is very cozy to ride. In addition to this, Nissan Patrol is powered by 5.6 liter engine that has the ability to produce 317 horsepower. Due to its direct injection valve features, Nissan Patrol is impressively responsive and smooth.

The variable mode package can switch between 4 modes such as snow, rock, on-road and sand. In terms of fuel economy, Nissan Patrol has the ability to manage fuel consumption of 15.8 liter per 100km. Aside from this, Nissan Patrol can also go from 0-100km per hour in just 8.2 seconds. When it comes to its interior design, Nissan Patrol has generous amounts of polished leather and aluminum as well as grain wood paneling.

Furthermore, Nissan Patrol is completely equipped with upgraded interior design that will suit to the taste and desire of their valued clients. The designers of Nissan Patrol want to create first class quality interior design that will meet the needs and expectations of their clients. They created convenient and higher front seats, legroom and 3rd row seats. Moreover, Nissan Patrol commend for their cabin functionality, comfort and spaciousness.

Toyota Land Cruiser
Toyota Land Cruiser is well known for its fast acceleration from highway speeds. In terms of off-road capability, Toyota Land Cruiser is considered as the superb brand of car that you should buy. Toyota Land Cruiser has lots of power, suspension dynamic system and precise steering. Apart from this, it is powered by 5.7 liter engine that has the ability to produce 381 horsepower that you will surely love.

The engine is completely mated with 6-speed transmission. Moreover, Toyota Land Cruiser has multi-terrain that will allow the driver to easily and quickly select on various terrain. Toyota Land Cruiser can manage fuel consumption of 16.5 liters per 100km. It can go from 0-100km per hour in just seven seconds. When it comes to the interior design of Toyota Land Cruiser, it offers excellent wood trim, upscale interior and steering wheel.

Toyota Land Cruiser has enough space to accommodate eight people. The cabin utility and high quality materials are considered as the core aspects of the interior design of Toyota Land Cruiser.

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