A New Safety System based on Car Video Games


Video games are definitely one of the best ways for many people to entertain themselves. If you are one of those who seek for newer height of entertainment, you surely want to know the newest safety system based on Car Video Games. These days, there is this new safety system based on car videos that is called as AVM (3-D Around View Monitor.

This safety system uses points of views form video game for the benefit of producing the chance to reduce cases of car accidents and give more convenience on the part of the drivers.  Taiwanese inventors have this idea to generally put safety measures or the systems with creative use of video games.

AVM system is really an amazing invention as it has special features these features gives complete details for how the video games have given perfect ways to catch the same quality of safety system for actual drivers on the road. Here are the features that AVM system provides for interested people on new safety road system to try.

Four Cameras. There are four cameras to be used for the safety system using AVM. Each one of these cameras has the capacity to reach190 degrees view. When the 100 megapixel images from those four cameras are combined, they deliver a 360 degree 3-D view of the car’s surroundings.

“Toggle” feature. If you are a video gamer, you will definitely relate yourself from this AVM’s safety system. Based from the video games, toggle is also one of the features of AVM that gives three view modes and
  • Third Person View – allow you to have view the things happening inside the car. This also includes areas that are called as blind spots where most accidents usually cause or happen.
  • Second Person View –this is on the top and down view that will enable you to easily search for a parking space even in a very tight area without messing with other cars bumping that may cause damage and be compromised with it.
  • First Person – it generally gives great perspective from the rear end portion of the car from the car’s rear end and enable you to change lane safely especially if you are a bit in a hurry to an event you supposed to attend early.

Augmented Vision. This is exclusive on cars with specific brand which is the BMW/Mini. This also has its perfect AVM features related on safety systems that are perfect to use on the road.Projector Based Transparent Car. Provided by Jaguar, this is also one of the potential safety system AVM features that have the capability to give perfect safety protection for drivers on the road.

AVM is definitely one of the safety systems that drivers on the road should really try for overall safety system to go to their destinations. If you are a driver, you can really have this safety system to ensure your safety for everyday driving that you do. It is good news that other companies also have their excellent safety systems like the augmented vision and project based transparent car to have more surrounding awareness and get high level of safety.