Top10 Most Fuel Efficient Hybrids of 2016


Are you a car collector? This coming year 2016 would be one of the exciting for a car brand lover like you. Many car brands have provided a glimpse of their upcoming car models that are really perfect to be part of your grandest car collection.

Whether you really love to have car collection or not, you’ll definitely don’t want to miss to witness each of these 10 Most Fuel Efficient Hybrids of 2016 cars and here are as follows.

Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid
An EPA estimate of MPG 42 City / 48 Hwy is given to Volkswagen Jetta Hybrid. Ideally, the gas can be turned off easily as you wish. Other features are also there you to discover.

Lexus ES 300H
Lexus ES MPG 40 City / 39 Hwy feature that would really bring you to an exciting and very fuel efficient model of car for year 2016. It has 2.5-L of four-cylinder engine and electric motor that can produce 200 horsepower. It is even road safe to use car because of its elegant interior design that give passengers a comfortable feeling.

Lincoln MKZ Hybrid
An upscale designs and overall interior meets the standard for a great car brand. It is even fuel efficient with its estimated MPG 41 City / 39 Hwy and 188 horsepower with 129 lb-ft torque. Other special features include power locks that in form of a digital keypad, satellite radio, heated seats and more.

Ford C-Max Hybrid
This is one of the efficient fuel and hybrid cars that can definitely catch your attention. With its estimated mileage of 42 mpg city and a 37 mpg highway you can surely save your fuel. It has decent features for its great road running functions too.

Toyota Camry Hybrid
Toyota Camry produces more or less of 200 horsepower and156 lb-ft torque. It also has some perfect features to watch out and try. It has estimated 43 mpg city / 39 mpg highway with other great driving features.

Porsche Cayenne S E-Hybrid
It is the car with two featured driving mode with its MPGe 47 that will allow you to have a great driving experience. It is perfectly luxurious that adds to its value as one of the hybrid cars.

Lexus CT
It is a hybrid type of electric car for an amazing a sport car. It can be powered with a 1.8-litre VVT ifour-cylinder gas can produce over 98 hp, 105 lb-ft of torque. It even have special feature of generating zero emissions.

Ford Fusion Hybrid
It is an outstanding hybrid and fuel efficient car for its MPG 44 City / 41 Hwy feature. More features will be presented to you when you look at their official page for this brand of car.

Toyota Prius
It is definitely fuel saving with EPA estimate of MPG City 51 / Hwy 48. The car can boost its power with its 134 horsepower from its electric motor and 1.8 liter of a four cylinder engine.

Chevrolet Volt
With its eMPG 35 City / 40 Hwy, Chevrolet volt is a perfect option for a fuel efficient and hybrid car. It even allows you to reach a driving range of 420 miles that is definitely perfect for a long time driving on the road.
These ten hybrid cars are definitely the choice for fuel efficient vehicles that you should look for this year 2016.