Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury Cars


The price of cars is sometimes the main consideration before purchasing one. There are people who are very particular when it comes to choosing the car for themselves. Though the features they want will result to such a high cost of a car, buyers won’t bother a high deduction from their pockets. Luxury cars are very sophisticated and glamorous to the eyes of everyone.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Luxury cars


Lamborghini Veneno

The price will truly shock every car owner—it’s $ 4 Million! This car has the ability to run a distance for a couple of seconds. When the speed reach 220 mph (car opened), the owner must have a support to his eyes.

W Motors Lykan Hyperspot

This car costs $3.4 Million which is not far from the car on top of the list.
  • This model is very ideal for 245 mph. Turbo-charged V-6 is the one responsible for the speed.
  • Aside from giving importance to performance, the manufacturers of this car also particular with the excellent technology.  
  • Another feature which makes the car expensive is the diamond-covered LED lights. Just imagine how appealing it is to have such desirable part of the car.
  • The car’s speed limit is flashed on a holographic display.
W Motors Lykan Hyperspot.

Mansory Vivre (Bugatti Veyron)

This costs similarly with the Lykan Hyperspot—$3.4 Million!
  • This is very ideal for a speed of 254 mph which is partly slower compared to Veyron Super Sport. However, Bugatti is greatly appealing wherein its carbon fiber is coated with French racing Blue. There are also lasers on the racing scenes maps, both on the interior and exterior.
  • This car is indeed a masterpiece.
 Mansory  Bugatti

Ferrari America (F60)

  • It is also expensive with the price of $3.2 Million.
  • The soft top of the car can possible be raised when the speed reached 75 mph.

Ferrari America

Koenigsegg 1

  • This is still luxurious, costing $ 2 Million.
  • You will be surprised to know that this car only weighs 1,340 kilograms, including the full complement of the fluids.

Pagani Huayra

With the price of $1.3 Million, this can be owned by a person who wishes to have a sophisticated car.
  • This has 2 turbochargers and is suitable for 230 mph.
  • Its gullwing doors make it very unique.
  • The side mirrors are also patented.


Ferrari Laferrari

  • This also costs $1.3 Million like the Pagani.
  • It is created with an Italian fashion.


Zenvo ST1

  • $1.2 Million
  • This is ideal for 233 mph


Hennessey Venom

  • $1.1 Million
  • This is considered as the fastest car which can reach up to 271 mph.


McLaren P1

  • $1.1 Million
  • Good at 230mph
  • With twin turbo (3.8 liters)

Driving with a luxurious car will catch the attention of others on the road. The prices of cars are reasonable because of the unique and extraordinary features they possess.