Why German Made Is Better Than (North) American Made?

German Made Is Better Than (North) American Made
Have you ever asked yourself if which is better between a German made car or an American made? Both are good when it comes to car making but the German made is better than the American made. If you have a plan to buy a car, you should try the better one.

German cars are better than those built in America, in Mexico or in Canada. The first reason is in the culture of the workforce. The Germans are paid better or treated better as the company’s employees. They have given the proper care by their employers; as a result, they really enjoy their job and they put more dedication in doing their work successfully.

 In America, the people are not given enough remuneration. They are treated without proper care from the company so their work suffers. If a company does not give what the employees need, they will not do their obligation better. Even though, people should be passionate in their job without a big compensation, the payment is a big factor that will make them good employees. The Germans and other European people have a better work ethic than Americans. They are more committed or dedicated to their job.

In every individual or specifically a car enthusiast, he may ask if what will be the factors that make German cars better than the American. One of the most important features in a car is the design. It is one of the criteria of every individual who wants to buy a car. When this person buys it, he first looks into the design.
So if it has an extraordinary design, it will catch the interest of the person who will buy it. Therefore, design of a car is really a big factor.

It becomes very decisive because the quality of a car can seldom not find in the design. In Germany, the looks of a car are very important. They become not satisfied until the design they made looked very fantastic.

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The performance is also significant when it comes to cars. There are three areas to measure the performance of a car. The first one is the speed. If a car has a good speed then it has the quality. The second one is the handling and the third criterion is the braking.

In handling, the German car can turn around a corner with ease; however it looks more dangerous than it really is. When an American car will turn around a bend, there are three things that will happen. The first one is the rear end starts shaking, the second one is that the car will continue in a completely straight line and the third is that the car will fail to stop. In this, the German car is better.

In braking, the German car brakes hard but the American car brakes smoothly. The car does not eat up its tires or burn out its brakes. In this, the American car is better; nevertheless, the German car has many positive things to offer than the American car.

 Therefore, before an individual buys a car, he needs to consider the quality and not just the design.